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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Thing On My Head....

A few years ago, I bought a nice new, Amish Straw Hat from a store in Jamesport, Missouri. I wore the thing exactly THREE days before it got munched by one of our goats who thought it looked tasty. Well, THIS time, we don't have any goats, so the one I got last week MIGHT last a bit longer - hopefully.

Right after I bought this one, the weather changed back to being cooler, so I didn't wear it a whole lot at first. Since the last couple days have warmed up a bit (still frost at night, but 40's during the day), I have been wearing it again.

Today was the first time I wore it around our Amish neighbors.....

Andy is building a barn at his new place, so he had his brother Jerry, his father-in-law, and a brother-in-law (and a few assorted nephews - all under 10), helping out with framing part of it up. There they were, Andy, Jerry, the BIL working on the roof nailers, and everyone else doing ground work or playing tag.

I knew something was "up" when I drove into the driveway. They guys on the roof, stopped, stood up, and started grinning ear to ear. I knew they knew it was me, because my pickup has been around several times. The had to be grinning at something else.

So, I pull up, and get out of the truck. Andy hollers down:


"A HAT!", I hollered back.

"What are you trying to do, be Amish....?"

"Naw, just trying to look cool...!"

I guess they aren't used to "English" people wearing their hats, and building buggies. I actually had a guy in town the other day, ASK ME IF I WAS Amish! Never mind that I was wearing a belt, a T-shirt with "Nebraska" on the front in 2" letters, was driving a bright red Ford pickup, and was talking on my cell phone....

Some folks just don't have a clue....

Amish Straw Hat

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