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Friday, May 10, 2013

Busy Few Days

Well - last week (April 28 thru May 5) there was a "flurry" of activity around here!

Especially on Thursday, May 2nd.....

It all started on Sunday, when my friend, Kirk, came over from Nebraska to have me help him build my shop. I know, he was SUPPOSED to help ME, but it didn't work out that way! There are some things that I just cannot do anymore, and I was VERY thankful for his abilities, and knowledge to get the shop built. I couldn't have done it without him!

We were actually going along at a pretty good clip - we started Monday morning, and by Tuesday evening, we had the trusses up, and one side of the nailers on the roof.

Galen's new shop!

By Wednesday evening, we had the tin on the sides of the main part.

Starting on the metal

That is when the trouble started.....We broke for supper at about 5:30 on Wednesday evening. We planned on coming out and putting poles up for the lean-to I was building on the back end of the main shed. After supper, we trotted outside wearing the same T-shirts we had on before we ate.....

and about froze to death!

The temp went from 70°, down to the upper 30's in about an hour. We ended up grabbing out winter coats, and got the holes drilled for the poles, and set two of them. The rest would wait until morning.

Well, the next day dawned cloudy, wet and cold, but we kept at it, anyway. Andy, one of our Amish friends stopped by, to help us for a few hours, too. We managed to get all of the side tin on, and a few other things before it got too nasty to work - and it was getting close to supper time anyhow. We figured we would put tin on the roof in the morning. The Weather Gypsies were calling for SNOW, but used the tirm "Little Or No Accumulation"


We knew something was wrong, when the fan in our bedroom stopped at almost exactly 0600.....

The power was out!

 It seems the "little or no" had turned into 5" to 6" of heavy, wet white stuff.

May Snowstorm

Kirk decided that he could sweep the snow off of the roof nailers, and go ahead and work on getting tin down. Andy must have thought we were nuts when he stopped by to see what we were up to! He volunteered to help, but we told him we were about to stop, because our drill batteries were nearly dead, and we had no way to charge them.

Oh well, we needed to go to town and do a few things, anyhow! The next day being Saturday, we had planned on attending an auction, so work was halted another day. Kirk decided that he could finish the roof on Sunday before he took off for home. Luckily, our power came on almost exactly 12 hours after it went off. Some folks around were out for several days.

Working on the shed

When he left, it was pretty much done on the outside. There are a few pieces left, but nothing major. Andy stopped by on Monday, and helped me install floor joists in the lean to (which will be my wood shop).

Floor Joists

Since then, not much has changed with the shop. I had to order some trim pieces we didn't get, and cleaned up around there, but nothing too much has changed. I did manage to scrounge up about 250' of used gutter and some downspouts....for free.


Most of the week has been involved with mowing the lawn, tilling the garden, and making a trip to Chillicothe so an Amish neighbor could get new glasses. I didn't even get to do too much work on my buggy, until about 3:00 this afternoon. I did a little bit on Thursday evening - after supper, but not much.

Today, I managed to get the front axle installed, then I put the front wheels on, so I could measure where a couple other things would sit.

Front Wheels

I even got the "trunk lid" put on, too!


I still have a lot to do, but it is getting down to just a couple "major" items, then a bunch of little things....

I'm thinking a nice "Farmall Red" would look nice for the buggy.....

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