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Store: The Art of Scrounging E-Books

$10.00 each

Below are a list of the e-books available from Scroungeman.com. These are his Art of Scrounging series of how-to booklets. They are available as a PDF (digital) download ONLY for $10.00 each by sending him a donation through paypal and e-mailing him with which title you would like. He will then e-mail you a link so that you can download the booklet. Please allow him up to two days to get the download link to you (although usually it will be sent the same day).

If you don't have a paypal account, you can use your credit card through paypal, to donate, without logging in to paypal

You will need Adobe Reader, to open the e-book, and if you don't have it, you can download it for free here.  You can download our Free e-book here to see if you can open our PDF files.

Don't forget to list which book or books you are ordering in the comment box...or an e-mail, so we know which links to send you! 

The Art of Scrounging - Bale Buggy

This Guidebook explains how to build one of the handiest tools to have around the farm - especially if you feed small square bales to livestock.

Easy to follow instructions to construct a labor saving Bale Buggy, that you'll wish you'd had years ago!

The Art of Scrounging - Frank's Bale Basket

Build a Bale Basket for your small haying operation! Designed especially for the small farmer who doesn’t have help to ride a bale wagon. You can’t do without this implement if you put up your own hay! Collects and deposits bales in piles, making it easy to pick them up. Cheap, easy, and quick to build from low-cost parts.

Welding required.


The Art of Scrounging - 5 Gallon Bucket Food Bin

Number 11 in the series! This cheap, easy to make food bin is ideal for small animal food. It holds up to 18 ponds of dry cat food. Made from on-hand items and plumbing parts! Simple hand tools only!

The Art of Scrounging - 55 Gallon Drum Grain Bin

Lucky Number Thirteen in the series! Here is a nifty way to convert a 55 gallon drum into a gravity feed grain bin! No welding, just normal hand tools and a drill! Scrounge for the parts and create an effiecient way to store grain away from the elements and off of the floor.

The Art of Scrounging - Barb Wire Dispenser

A handy guide for building a real work saver! This Barb Wire Dispenser attaches to your tractor's 3 point! Includes drawings, instructions, material list, photos and operational tips. 12 pages

The Art of Scrounging - Cultivator

A guide for building a Cultivator from scrounged parts! Includes ideas, parts list, instructions and comments. Requires knowlege of metal welding and cutting. 12 pages

The Art of Scrounging - Disk

A guide to modifying a Horse Drawn Disc into a working implement for use with your small tractor! 19 pages of information, drawings, and photos! Contains materials list. Knowledge of welding required.

The Art of Scrounge - Hay Feeder For Goats

A simple, cheap and easy Hay Feeder for your goats and sheep! Made from scrounged items with only hand tools and common electric tools we all have. Helps keep your hay dry and accessable year round.

The Art of Scrounging - Ideas for A Small Farm

The NINTH in the Art of Scrounge Series! Over 20 useful ideas and tips for the small farm! These are things you can build from scrounged parts or easy to find parts. 21 pages, Contains drawings and photographs. Use of hand tools and a welder on some items.

  The Art of Scrounging - Pole/Pallet Shed
Number 10 in the series delves into constructing a shed using poles and pallets! A guide to help you consider this useful and cost effective way to build! Drawings, photographs and instructions. 20 pages. Carpentry tools, knowledge and skills required.

The Art of Scrounging - Rotary Hoe

A guide for modifying a Rotary Hoe for use on you small tractor! Includes: photos, drawings, materials list and instructions. Requires welding and cutting of metal. 13 pages

The Art of Scrounging - Shed Windows

A guide for building shed windows from salvaged materials! I built operational windows for under $5 each! Let me show you how! Basic wood working tools required. 14 pages including photo and drawings.

The Art of Scrounging - Tine Harrow
A guide for modifying a Tine Harrow for use on your 3 point hitch! Includes a section on building a harrow from scratch, photos, instructions, materials list and drawings. Requires cutting and welding of metal.

The Art of Scrounging - Tree Shear  
Defy the high cost of Tree Shears! Build your own from scrounged materials. This guide will help you to build your shear at a minimal cost. 19 Pages, with color photos, drawings, material list. Requires welding and cutting of metal.