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Published Articles

Some of the articles I've written (or are written about me), that were published in magazines are told about below. I may or may not get all of them listed here...just depends on if I have time to sort through things and find them.


Volume 25 Number 1 Winter 2010
The Article titled "The Next Generation" by Galen Mommens was written about one of our niece's visits to our farm.  The article can be read on the N-News site here...least for now.  If the link doesn't work, maybe they took it off to make room for another one.

N-News Magazine Volume 24 Number 2 Spring 2009
An article called "Implement Found and Used!" by Galen Mommens about a rake he found in the weeds, scrounged cheaply and brought to life again.


The March 2006 edition (vol.30, number 2) of Farmshow Magazine has an article on Scroungeman's Homebuilt Tree shear! Keep watch - more items will be appearing in Farmshow at later dates! This is the story as it appeared in Farmshow (credit Farmshow Magazine vol 30 number 2).

This is the second article from Farmshow! Credit Farmshow Magazine, July 2006 Volume 30, Number 4, page 40.

An article in Farmshow about the Bale Cart, that he made and then made a e-book to help others be able to make one for themselves. Check out the store to find out how to order your copy today!

Farmshow Volume 34 Number 4 2010