Thursday, April 13, 2006


It was a HOT one today! It's WAY to early to have 88 degrees in Southeast Nebraska! The winds were blowing at about 15 miles per hour, so it was not a good day to be putting tin on a shed roof! I decided to sit down on the ground and cut the pieces to size, and install them in the morning when it is cooler. I did manage to bring home an old chest freezer from a neighbor. It is an old one that has been sitting out beside his shop for 15 years or so. It doesn't work, but I will use it for storing bags of feed, like chick starter, when we aren't using it.

I decided that, since it was so hot, I would work inside the shed. I "planted" a post (really a 6" diameter tree, with the bark still on) and used a large pallet to form a wall. It made a nice 12' x 9' room that I will use for hay storage. I'm building this on a budget and, so far, I am still under $20 for a 26 x 15 shed! I also had to pay for a meaningless "zoning permit" ($25) before I could start. Kinda bad - I have more into a piece of paper, then I have in the building!

I have two more poles (trees) to put in and then partition walls will go up. I will then have a 12' x 9' hay room, a 12' x 8' milk room, and a 12' x 9' "goat room". Not really a HUGE place, but it's a start!

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  1. Dasch,! The spreader remains await you!!! thanks; sonny


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