Thursday, April 27, 2006

Something to stop the wind!

I managed to install most of the tin on the sides of the goat barn today! I used what I brought home last Sunday from the shed on a neighbor's place. I wish I would have had 4 more pieces - I would replace 4 sheets I already had up! They didn't match very well and it would look better if it did! Maybe later.......

I also talked to another neighbor who had a barn fire earlier in the year. He wants me to "finish the job" started by the fire, and tear down the building. I still have to take a look, but it is only about 5 miles from here, so I should be able to get over there soon.

So far the cost of my goat barn is up to $35 now - I had to buy some screws! This amount SHOULD be the final tally, though - I SHOULDN'T have to buy anything else!

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