Monday, May 22, 2006

Another busy week so far!

Well, last week was pretty busy! My wife and I managed to pour concrete in the forms for a small "stoop" and a ramp onto our patio! The ramp still has one more section to complete, but it is WAY closer to being done than it has been since we first built the forms last Summer! One more 5' x 12' section and it will be done!. We would have had MORE fun doing it, but the truck driver did a lot of the work! Would have been hard without him!

Friday was also my wife's birthday (19th)! She is now a bright and beautiful 29 year old!

I also have corn coming up! I planted a few rows on the 11th and it is about 3" tall already! Didn't plant much, but had fun playing! Next year.......

Over the weekend I picked up the Letz Corn grinder from the neighbor I bought it from. I haven't had a chance to try it out, but I will in the NEAR future!

Today, I started cleaning out the property line fence that is overgrown with Willow rushes and wild grape vines, and cedar trees, and, and, and! I am planning to fence of another "padock" for the goats. I also managed to pick up our "new" horse trailer that we plan on using as a "goat hauler". I had to help the lady clean up around her place, for it, but I got a lot of other stuff with it, so it cost me a days work and gas for the tractor. Not a bad deal!

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