Saturday, June 3, 2006

Been a little lax, lately!

My wife told me it was time to add another entry to the blog! I haven't been keeping up as I should! Here goes!

In the last week or two, I have managed to bring home 42 10' plus pieces of tin (and a few scraps), two John Deere manure spreaders, some more wire, lumber and a 1946 Chevy 2 ton truck! There are probably a few other things, but that will have to do for now! I also built a new hay feeder for the goats. I used some scrap materials I had lying around - the total cost was for hinges only. I'll be adding an instruction guide in the near future, if there is interest!

The tin was from an old barn that was built in the 1890's. It had square nails and used "peg" construction. The whole structure was held together by "dowels", the nails were used for the siding and roof. It was already torn down when I got there, the man who owned it just wanted the tin and lumber hauled off.

The manure spreaders came from a tree line not far from my house. They have been out there for about 30 years, but seem to be in good shape, except for the wood. I will probably fix one and sell the other. They were fun to tow home! The tires are SHOT and they "limped" back at about 5 MPH! They dogs that lock the hubs were rusted, so we had to tie them down so the wheels would turn. A little grey tape and baling wire and things worked fine!

As for the 2 ton truck - it's a 1946 Chevy with a 235 in it. It's been stored inside since the late 70's, so there is VERY LITTLE rust and only a few dents. One of these days I want to get it running again to use around here.


  1. Love your truck. I have a 42 fuel tanker(unrestroed) and a 48 2t grain truck w/lift bed. The 48 is used some around the flower farm. If your 46 comes up for sale call me.

  2. My first 2 ton truck was a 46 chevy the same color as the one in the pic!! thanks; sonny


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