Saturday, June 24, 2006

Finally! Another Blog Entry!

My wife has beaten me over the head with a 2x4 so many times, that it's starting to work in revearse!

I have been busy! I FINALLY got another section of pasture fenced in for the goats! Between my bad knees, back, hips etc, etc and the heat, I was only able to work on it for 2-3 hours, or so, a day. I had to clear a path beside existing fence and mow next to it with the 8N so I could add woven wire fence to the barb wire that was there. I also mowed a "path" for the new fence so I could work easier. All told, the fence was 1100' long, about 650' being existing, so I didn't have to add posts (just wire).

I drilled 21 holes for Hedge posts and drove another 23 steel posts. I also had to build a creek crossing and a drive-thru gate. All of this fence costs less than $12. I scrounged the steel posts, we (neighbor and I) cut the wood posts from trees in the pasture (got 18 posts from 2 trees!), the four gate posts were old bridge piers that came from a bridge the county tore out several years ago. My brother manamged to drag them home when he worked for the county. I even scrounged the gate!

The neighbor who helped cut posts gave me three "cattle gates" he had lying around. He even gave me an old cattle panel to add over it so the goats couldnt walk right through it. All I bought was staples and T-post clips! Be sure to check around with area farmers - a lot of them have woven wire fence that they have torn out or WANT torn out. Even if it is rusty it will work - just so it is not brittle. I need more pasture fenced, but I am "recovering" for a bit!

I had someone call the other day to tell me that they were replacing the Bi-fold doors in all the apartments in the place where he lives. He wanted to know if I wanted the old doors. I said "Sure!". Now I have 80-some doors sitting in my shed! I wanted them for the hardware and hinges, but wasn't expecting this many! I will use a few for light-duty shelves (they are "hollow-core" doors),but don't know what I'm gonna do with the rest! I am open to suggestion.......

My wife's brother stopped by this past week. He brought his (nearly) 16 year-old daughter up for a visit. Her and my wife are very close and stayed up late to do things on the computer and play games. Even the dogs thought it was noisy in here, with all the "cackeling"! I guess they enjoyed themselves, though! Her brother also brough 6 pieces of used OSB he had taken off of a house. I plan to use it either in the goat barn or chicken house.

Well - that's about it for now! I'll add some more later - when my headache returns....

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  1. hmmm after that comment about all the cackeling, it may return sooner than you think!! Why didn't I think of the 2X4? Bummer!! Well now I know what to use, so watch out!! LOL

    But you are right, we did enjoy ourselves!!


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