Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rainy & Drizzley

The weather has been dreary all day. We had partial sun early this morning, but it closed in fast! We've had off and on light showers and drizzle all day. It is supposed to be like this again tomorrow.

We had a visit from the bow hunters that came all the way from Michigan today. They had driven all night to get here, so they didn't really stay to long. They are staying with a farmer north east of town a few miles, so they don't have motel bills. They were here last year, also. Good bunch of guys! Hope they have good luck!

I took an old letter I found into town today. I was trying to get it translated. It was written in the 1850's in German. It's hard to read, due to the handwriting, but is in remarkably good shape. I just recently found this one and another, but I have a total of 32 letters, postcards, and documents from the mid 1800's up to 1911 or so. Some of these have been translated, but a few have not.

I stopped by the court house and was told that an elderly woman in town MIGHT be able to read them. As it turned out, she grew up on a farm that was across and just to the south of my Great-Grandfathers farm. My Great-Grandfather died in 1937 AND SHE REMEMBERED HIM (she's 93)! She told me her eye sight was to the point where she couldn't read them, but she did make out a few words. Nothing major, just a word here and there.

A couple of the documents are original deeds to places my Great-Great-Grandfather had in Marthasville, Missouri, in the 1850's - LOTS of "legalese" in these two items, even for mid 1800's! I know there is a County Museum in town, I need to go talk to them and see what they think!

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