Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Visit.....

Got a visit from a cousin today. He and my brother stopped by for an hour or so. About 30 years ago, my Uncle August and a few of us cousins tore down my Grandpa's house and barn. Uncle Auggie took home LOTS of wood from the buildings, and has built several things from it. Since he was a preacher, the wood moved a couple times. Cousin Paul had taken some of the wood and made "knick-nack" shelves out of it. He made one for each of the people who helped tear down the house and barn. He also made sure that our two aunts had one, and each oldest child of our Grandparents five children. Along with the shelf came 2 old fashioned square nails from the house and a couple of photos (one I believe, is Grandpa and Grandma's wedding photo). The back of the shelf has two lathe that can be used for attaching it to the wall - these lathe also came from the house. The shelves themselves were made from the tongue-and-groove flooring that was in the house. There are cracks and missing pieces to the boards - he used the boards in whatever condition they were in. He COULD have sanded them down smooth and cut the boards so the cracks and stuff were gone, but chose to leave them as they were so some of the "character" would still be there. All-in-all, a fine piece of work and a wonderful gift! Thanks, Paul!

I also managed to grease the "runnable" A-C Rotobaler Friday evening and Saturday morning. It took awhile as there are 45 zerks to find! My mother-in-law e-mailed me a copy of the lubrication chart from the manual they have (I don't have one!) - I had only found 32 until I had the chart! I hooked the tractor up to the PTO and turned it on SLOW. As it turned, I oiled the chains. Everything ran pretty smooth! I just need a couple of belts, some twine, and a small spring and it will be ready to go! I'd rather have a square baler, but this was free, so it will work until I can afford a square.


  1. I agree, it was a really nice thing for him to do! And the pictures are great!!! LOL I just have to figure out what kit to use, so I can scrap them!! Thanks again Paul!

  2. On that roto!!! use lots of diesel mixed with motor oil on the floppy bars out back, so it works really free when you dump the bale it must re-latch on both sides! Got my roto, but never did have a book for it! thanks; sonny


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