Sunday, November 5, 2006

Elavator to Turnip Heaven....

This week was fairly slow, but I did manage to do a little scrounging! I rode with a friend to watch him cut down a few trees. He wanted someone there to call 911 in case something happened. It's never a good idea to be out in the middle of nowhere, alone, with a chainsaw! Things can happen FAST!. On the way there we passed some Turnip fields. Two of these fields were 70-80 acres and one other was 25 or so. We never had seen that many turnips in one spot. Alot of these were pretty good sized - one I measured was 20 1/4" around! The owner was there, so we asked if we could pull a few. I have been slicing them up to eat raw and also have been feeding them to the goats. The guys who planted them will just turn thier cattle out on them for winter feed.

I also managed to bring a 36' grain elevator home.This is the kind that has a slat chain in it to lift ear corn to the top of a crib. It will probably be taken apart and used for a feed bunk for the goats. A neighbor used his trailer to bring it home. It isn't real heavy so we jacked the nose up and backed the trailer under it, the used a come-a-long to pull it forward. It hung off of the back of the trailer about 15', but we didn't have any problems!

Another neighbor stopped by the other night and said he had some more woven wire and other fence stuff to get rid of! Seems like about every day I have someone call or flag me down for some reason! Now, if I could get about 6 people to build fence.........

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  1. Dasch!!! I love building fences!!----always did, even when I was growing up! thanks;sonny


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