Sunday, November 12, 2006

Deer Season

Well, I'm not an avid hunter or fisherman. I haven't done much of either for years. I do have some friends that like to hunt and there is a group from Michigan that comes out here to bow hunt every year. The Michigan bunch left on Wednesday 8 Nov 06 for home. They said that this area has more deer than anywhere they have ever hunted! Two of them went home with nice bucks.

Now it is rifle season. I know three people who got nice deer in the first hour they were out there! Nobody has asked to hunt my place this year, yet, so I guess I'll do some tractor work out there if it is nice. The man who rents my pasture still has cattle out there, so it's probably a good thing no one has asked to hunt! One neighbor has a 15 year old daughter out for her first deer hunt. Hope she bags one!

A couple of neighbors have volunteered to help cut hedge posts (and a few Locust trees for fire wood), so I'm hoping to get a BUNCH of posts cut.

I'm also wanting to start refurbishing an old Dearborn 22-44 Cordwood saw I have. Might never use it, but it is a nifty thing to have around!

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