Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

We have lots to be thankful for this year, and all years! My wife and I are thankful for each other, we are also thankful for the many wonderful Blessings that Yahweh (God) has given us - we have our home, dogs, goats, chickens, some wonderful neighbors, bountiful opportunities, friends and family!

We just got back yesterday from visiting my wife's mom and dad in Missouri. While there we butchered a cow and divided the meat up between her parents, her brother, and us. There was enough to go around for all of us! I couldn't wait, so this noon I cooked up a small package of ribs (there were 5 in it). I sear-fried them, then baked them for 2 hours in a roaster. I then cut them apart, transfered them to a different baking dish, covered them with BBQ sauce, and baked them for 1 more hour. DELICIOUS! I wish I had started out with a bigger package of them! It will be awhile before we do more, so we can spread them out further. The dogs really enjoyed the bones!

Speaking of the dogs - while we were over in Missouri, we lost our little girl, Crystal. She was failing during the last few months and decided that it was time to go last Wednesday morning. She was the best dog I've ever had and she will be greatly missed. We brought her home and buried her by a tree in the yard. We both are thankful she was brought into our lives, and for the 12 1/2 wonderful years she was with us. Rest In Peace, Little Girl.....


  1. Sorry you lost your dog!, we got attachedto one for 16 years, and when it died, it was like loosing family member! We had a cat show up last in the fridgid cold and ice! ----You guessed right!!!----it's in here right now!!---didn't want another pet, but wasn't going to leave it out in the cold either! thanks; sonny

  2. i love that picture of her! Have a happy new year. I love you both


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