Wednesday, December 6, 2006


True, it has been a little cool lately, and the north wind really drops those wind chills but, in this case, the BURR I mean is my Letz Burr Grinder! I FINALLY got the chance to use it for more than just playing! I ran about 3/4 of a 55 gallon drum through it today. I mixed in some milo and layer crumbles for the chickens while I was grinding. The milo and crumbles are small, so they didn't grind much, but mixed real well. I filled the hopper bin I made for my chickens and put the unground corn in a bin for my goats. A 55 gallon drum of whole kernal corn will last the goats quite awhile, but the chicken feed will be used faster.

I ran the grinder with my 1949 8N - it just purred along without complaint! The more I use that little tractor, the more I am impressed with it! Before I bought it, I had people tell me all kinds of things it WON'T do. I am now finding out all the things it WILL do!

We went to my brother's house in Kansas this last week end (by way of Grand Island, Nebraska). They were moving from one house, to another one 2 blocks away. I didn't help much, but it was good to see them. He is expecting thier first grandchild in early February, so we will probably need to make another trip to see the baby. It was a LONG trip and my back/hips/legs made me pay for it! I think I even caught a cold to boot!

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