Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Spreader

Well - I FINALLY got the spreader done except for paint and putting the guards back on! It's only taken me all Autumn to get it THIS far! I plan on using a combination of soap, water and motor oil to seal the inside of the wood. It is for goat and chicken maure, so it won't be handling any real "gooey" stuff, like cow manure!

Mark (BIL) called this morning and said that he had picked up the corn picker and it was on it's way back to his house. He was going to get some pictures of it to me, but hasn't taken any yet.

I had to get rid of a cat the other day. There was a large dark grey Tom that kept stopping by. I guess he liked it here, because he was around quite often. When we were at my wife's mom and dad's house last month, we brought back 3 more kittens to replace the one that the worthless mutt killed. This brings our total up to 6 - 7 with the Tom. Wednesday afternoon, I saw the grey Tom go after and try to kill one of the new kittens. He had it in a pretty good grip and it was REALLY flailing about! I clubed the Tom and he let go. He then knew I was after him and wouldn't come near me. He found out that he couldn't out run a .22 long rifle round. Peace and Harmony have been restored to the cat world least this part of it.

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