Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Plow and Loader

Here is a photo of the Allis-Chalmers plow that I brought back from Missouri yesterday. It is a "Quick Hitch" model. I need to use it on a Ford, so it will have to be converted to 3 point. I figured that I would give any Allis-Chalmers fans a chance to either trade me for a 2 bottom, 3 point plow (14"), or buy it outright. I would then use the money to buy the correct plow for my tractor. If I can't find a taker, then I will have to modify it to work. I just want to give any AC guys the chance to get it in it's unmodified condition!

I also brought back an Allis-Chalmers loader! It was a "package deal" with the plow. This is a model CA-8 loader made to fit a model CA tractor! It is a trip bucket design. The photo doesn't show them, but I do have the "sub frame" (lower arms) and cylinders for it. I'm not an AC guy, so I don't know much about it! It has set outside, but the plow has always been shedded.

If anyone knows any AC fans out there, let them know there is a REALLY nice, original, 2-14 plow, and a used AC loader available!

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