Monday, January 1, 2007

Snow and an Odd-Ball Rooster

Well we got our first snowfall of this winter season yesterday! It was also the last snowfall of 2006! As usual, the weatherman was a little off. They were calling for less than 2" to fall in the form of snow. After 2"+ of rain on Friday and Saturday, Sunday gave us over 4" of snow and 25 to 30 MPH winds! It turned out to be nothing serious for most folks around here, but in central and western Nebraska, there are thousands of poeple still without power, and it might be a week or two before they get it back. Most of the snow blew off of our drive and the farm road I use to get to the pasture. The county didn't even blade the road by our place as most of the snow blew off! I usually don't bother blading unless we get 6" or so - it's not worth the fuel. It's only January, so we'll probably get more!

I have a strange rooster. He was "hatched" here and I handled him as a youngin', but haven't been doing much with him for 3-4 months. Usually, I grab an ear of corn everyday and sit down to shell it and scatter it out for the chickens for some scratch. Last week when we got back from Missouri, this rooster came right over to the car and stepped around us as we unloaded things. He waited patiently for a hand-out of corn. A couple of days ago, when I was sitting down to toss them thier hand out, he hopped right onto my lap! He started to eat out of my hand. I have several roosters and hens that will eat out of my hand, only this one will hop onto my lap! Today he actually let me PICK HIM UP and put him on my lap to eat, and stayed there awhile after the corn was gone! I guess he's trying to butter me up because he's knows there is another round of "neck stretching" coming soon. He wouldn't have had much to worry about, the old, tough birds are gonna go first!

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