Wednesday, February 7, 2007

All Crop....

I have been on the lookout to restore one of those Allis-Chalmers All Crop pull-type combines. Just mostly a play type deal. I have been asking around for a few weeks to see if anyone had one close. A friend of mine had posted a photo of one on a forum I visit. It was in a field about 15 miles from my house. I shot him an e-mail to ask if it was still in the pasture where he had found it. He answered me the next day and said, yes, it was still in the pasture at his neighbors house, but that there was one only a couple miles from my farm.

He told me where to look, so I took a drive the next day to check things out. Sure enough, there it was, sitting just where he said it would be! I must have driven by this place a thousand times in the pst 10 years and not seen it! I pulled into the neighbor's yard to talk to him about it. After a little bit of talking, I found out that it was not the only one he had! I ended up making a "package deal" for them! They seem to be in good shape, with little rust and most parts seem to be there. I hope to be able to get them out in the near future so I can see what I have for sure. The ground is not frozen terribly deep - and it is mostly sand - so I will just have to wait for a warmer day. It is suppose to be in the 20's for the next week at least, with wind chills in the -5° to +10° range. Here is a photo of one of them. It is a 1949 Model 60.

The exposed wood has rotted away, but that is easy to replace. I can't wait to get started!

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