Monday, February 19, 2007

Finally getting warmer.....

It has been a long, cold month of February! The temperatures have been in the teens and single didgits (with sub-zero windchills) most of the month! Finally, this past weekend, we got some warmer weather! Yesterday it was 45° and today it is 50°! The 5"+ of snow that we had is nearly gone - even the drifts - so that is real nice! Now - if the MUD would dry up! I don't mind the cold, but I DO mind the wind chill!

We've been seeing turkeys in the field north of our house every day now for a week. They like to "rumage" through whats left of the soy bean stalks that are left. This flock has about 80 or so in it.

I'm getting cabin fever earlier then I normally do, this year! I've got so many things I need to do outside that I will be hard pressed to finish them all! It's been a long, boring winter, and I can't wait for spring!

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