Thursday, March 8, 2007

Poor Little Boy

The first two kids of this season were born on 19 Feb 07. They were twins - a boy and a girl. We decided to name the girl HotPants due to she looks like she is wearing "short-shorts". The boy was a bit harder to put a name to - until now. We decided to make him a "wether" because of his short ears (like his mom). He should be a fairly good sized goat in the first place, but he should put on more meat this way. We banded him on Wednesday morning and things should "fall off" in a week or two. After the banding it was easy to come up with a name - Soprano!

The last arrival (the little girl on Saturday) will probably end up being called Windy, since she was born when the winds were blowing 30+ MPH and the windchills were down in the teens.

Most of last week's "blizzard" is gone. Just drifts are hanging around. It was 59° here today, so that helped melt the snow and dry things out a bit.

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