Sunday, April 29, 2007


I FINALLY got started on the new fence! A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I had managed to "shoot a line" with the level, and put out a few stakes. Over the past week, we were able to drill a few holes, set 4 posts, and run a "giude line" between corners. We marked out where the posts would gand sprayed "marking paint" where they went. Over the past 3 days, my neighbor helped me drill the rest of the post holes for the run we wanted done first.

Yesterday (Saturday) some relatives stopped by and set all the posts. There were 45 "T" posts and 30 Hedge posts in all. I now have over 800' of posts ready for wire! It didn't take long, either! there were 7 people working, so it only took about 3 hours. Hopefully, I can get another section laid out and they can come back for another "go-round"! This part was an incrediblely HUGE help. It would have taken me a month to get this far!

I used a few posts that were crooked, but as long as they hold wire, it just doesn't matter! I can't afford to buy posts, so I use what I have on hand. All of the "T" posts were bought at farm sales - some for 20¢ each - and are used. New posts are now over $3 each, and will probably go higher. I also managed to "collect" a few good used Hedge (Osage Orange) posts. These had been used in an old corral that was taken out. They will still last another 40 years, and the price was right!

We found out that it is DEFFINATLEY Tick season, though! There were thousands of them out in the grass! Next time I think we will use some sort of repelant.

I had another neighbor tell me to come by and pick up a trailer! This one is another "grain hauler". It is part home made, and has a good hoist on it. It is still over at their house, but I will get it in the new 2-3 weeks.

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