Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Sometime ago (10-12 years), my brother had started a project with the local Boy Scouts to build a log cabin on this farm. They built the floor and made it about half way up the walls with the poles. Here lately, I have been gathering materials for a barn and have figured these poles will work great in the walls of it. I decided to get them moved over the hill to where my barn is going to be. All of the poles are at least 20' long but are "notched" on both ends like the old fashioned log cabins. Luckily, they were only fastened with spikes at the notchings, so they came apart real easy. We used a chainsaw to cut next to the noches, leaving an intact pole. All of the poles are now at least 15' long, without the notches. It was a simple task of wrapping a chain around them, one at a time, and dragging them out.

I was fortunate that my helper (my sister) isn't real familiar with the operations of a farm tractor - she was the "ground man" for the operation! It wasn't fun work, but she stuck to it! We've got about half of them over the hill, and all the rest are pulled out.

A neighbor is coming over some time in the near future to thin out some trees near a fence line. Some of them are Black Walnut trees, but they need thinned. The ones I am cutting are about 6" in diameter and 50' tall. They will never grow much more and will also hinder the growth of the nearby trees. I am going to keep a couple of these "poles" also - for use inside the barn.

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  1. I bet those black walnut "poles" would make some beautiful "rustic" furniture. It would seem that you have a potential cash crop, if only in poles(walnut or ceader)


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