Saturday, June 9, 2007

New Baby

Well - we have our last goat baby for the year! He was born on 6 June 2007. His mom is a "first timer", but is doing a good job. She isn't the largest goat in the herd, but still had a nice kid. He won't win any record's either, but he will be bigger than she is.

Yesterday afternoon, she took him out into the pasture and hid him in a brush pile. He was doing as he was told - "lay there and be quiet" - until I found him and took him back to the barn, with mom close behind. Today he was out running for all he was worth, trying to keep up with mom in the pasture. It's fun to see the kids romp and kick up their heels when they are young!

We FINALLY finished putting up fence posts! We put in the last 5 - except for ditch crossings - this morning. Now we can have a survey done. We've found a reputable surveyor to do the job. The last guy that did the rest of the survey over-charged on it by a LONG shot. He also did it twice (because it was done wrong the first time). We knew right away that he wasn't getting the job.

I have one other stretch of fence to do. It's the last bit of the line fence around the other part of the property. It should have been done several years ago, but wasn't. I'll have to set the corners and come back later to do the line posts when it is cooler.

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