Thursday, June 21, 2007

Horse Tank

There is a farm near here that had been in our family since the 1860's. I remembered an old horse tank in the front yard. It was made from native stones and covered in concrete. I have wanted that tank for years. I figured it would look nice sitting in our yard - and also be a wonderful piece of family history. This morning, we went over to see how much of a job it would be to move it home. We found that it was approximatley 6 feet long 3 feet wide at the top and 30" tall. These were the "above ground" measurements - it continued below ground for at least a foot. The "foundation" consisted of rocks, concrete, chunks of metal and a 2" pipe holding it to the ground.

This afternoon, we went back with my neighbor and his tractor to see if it would load onto a trailer. We found out that it was one heavy beast! His tractor could only lift a corner about 6" off of the ground! We ended up backing the trailer under one corner and dragging the tank onto the trailer with the tractor and chain. We even broke a chain in the process. We managed to get it on the trailer and headed home. We dropped it about 6' from where I want it, but I will have to get the spot ready before it gets moved to the spot.

This tank had been sitting in that spot since my Great-Grandfather built it there in October of 1913! It's hard to believe it has withstood time and weather for 96 years! Hopefully, I can get it set up and put where I want it this Summer or Fall.

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  1. Better be careful that tank don't roll over you. And that would really be a memorable piece of family history. You wouldn't be scroungeman but pancakeman.


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