Monday, July 16, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy......

Well - it has been a busy few weeks! We had a visit from my Nephew, his girlfriend, their two kids and my niece. They got here Friday 6 July 2007 and left Sunday. We went out and cut some fence posts from the "timber". It was pretty hot, but we did get 35 cut in a couple hours. It was nice to have their help.
I did manage to get two Allis-Chalmers All Crop 60 combines brought home. My sister and I went over, jacked them up and put tires on them. It was an easy tow home from there. I need to start working on them pretty soon. They are in pretty good shape, but will need things worked over.
My neighbor came over with his big tractor and pushed the concrete horse tank into position for me. It now needs a bit of concrete and dirt pulled up around it, and it will be done. It has "Oct 27 1913" etched plainly in the back side. It was a heavy beast, but worth the effort to have it here. I won't be using it as a water tank, though. I plan on mounting a hand pump near it for "effect" and it will be decoration.
I am also pleased to say, that we FINALLY started on my barn! It will be a slow go, but it will get done eventually. My sister and wife are helping now, but more "volunteers" will be drafted in the future! We have the truss rafters put together and the beams made, so far. I managed to drill one hole for a pole, but it is REALLY hard. We haven't had rain for a couple weeks and it has been hot. The ground is like concrete! We soak the ground good, drill a bit, fill the hole with water, let it soak, drill some more, etc. I'm only good for a couple hours a day anyhow, so the slow going fits right in!
Our neighbor had to have surgery a few days ago. He is up and around a bit now, but it will be slow for him for a few weeks. We got some sweet corn from him the other day - and will get some more tongiht. Like the last couple years, when the corn is done, he lets me cut the stalks for my goats. They love them and are getting fat & lazy!
I'm almost done with my "Lunar Lander" now! I posted a photo of it on line a few months ago and people started calling it that. It is actually an old hog feeder that I have converted into a grain bin with a gravity feed system. It is on legs that make it look like a spaceship from some 50's grade B movie......

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