Saturday, October 27, 2007

Catch up, Part ONE....

Well - this summer has been an eventful one. We are in the finishing stages of building the barn from 95% salvage materials. All of the tin came from variuos sheds around this county - none more then 10 miles away. I bought "scissor trysses" in 2001 at a mobile home factory that was having a "going out of business" action. I paid 14¢ for each "half-truss". I have used a lot of them around here. My chicken house, tractor shedPorch and even kitchen, have these trusses in them. The only things we have bought for the barn are the 2x4 nailers, plywood, 4 2x6s, and some 2x6's for windows. I even scrounged the sashes and hinges for the windows!
A neighbor gave us a 13x15 roll-up garage door for the front, but I still need the track.
I will probably have to make do with a tarp until I get all the parts.
My sister has been a huge help. We would have gotten the barn project completed without her, but not nearly as soon.
The last week to 10 days have been consumed by doing dirt work around the back and to the side of the barn. I ALMOST have it done, but there is a little left to do.
The worst part, for me, anyway, is the "finish" work. I need to get things "buttoned up" a little better before snowfall. I don't work very fast, but, with help, I will get it done.
I posted a few days ago about finding some rocks for the driveway to the barn. Today, I got another call about some more that were laying in a pasture near here. These are EXACTLY like I need - fist sized ones. They will fill the bill just perfectly. Now, when the barn is done, then we can get back to building fence!

I have also been trying to collect fence materials. I have a pretty good sized stack of woven wire (I can always use more!)
As I am always on the lookout for things to use and recycle to something else - I was more then happy to take a couple of old freezers that were being thrown away. They will work nicely in the barn to store feed and other things in. I was also able to find 2 small "bachelor" refrigerators to use as storage. I am also on the lookout for more metal shelving to go along with the one set I found recently.

Here's a tip: save (or collect) the crisper drawers from old refrigerators to use as storage. The plastic ones work, but the metal ones are more durable.

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