Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A good scrounging day......

I had a pretty good day scrounging! First, I went into town to mail some things, and saw about 75' of 42" chain-link fabric that was being thrown away! We have been wanting to enlarge our back yard so the dogs will have more room, but need more wire. This won't quite be enough, but it will get us closer. It's in a roll, too, not all balled up. I'm hoping that the one who threw it away has MORE!

I also had a neighbor call me this morning and told me that he wanted to take down a chimney in his garage. It's a metal chimney that he had on his wood burning furnace. We now have 10' of triple wall pipe, rain cap, roof collar and ceiling collar to use on my wife's wood burning cook stove. Everything we need is there except about 3' of single wall pipe. I hope that we can get help to install it before the weather turns to cold so we can use the stove this winter.

As we were taking it down, I asked what he was going to do withe the furnace. He told me he was going to cut it up for scrap. I asked if he wanted to get rid of it, we take it. He sold it to me for $5! It is one that he used to heat his house with. It really works well. I found out that he actually BUILT it himself! He used it for several winters before he "got to old to cart wood". It is sitting in my pickup as we speak. I'll unload it in the morning.

His garage sure looks empty now....

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