Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Starting to turn cold....

Yesterday, it was 77° here in SE Nebraska. Today it warmed to 54° before the cold front went through (about 9:00 am) and cooled us down to 40° on the heals of a northwest wind. After a low near 30° tonight, tomorrow is supposed to have a high about 40°. I don't mind the cold, but don't care for the wind! We MIGHT even have some light snow tomorrow - nothing major, just heavy flurries.

I have been busy trying to get things "buttoned up" on the barn. I managed to scrounge a "garage" door for the front, but it doesn't have rollers or track. I'll keep searching for those parts, but in the mean time, I used heavy plastic to cover the door. I can roll it up if I need to use the door. It will be inconvienient for awhile, but it is better then an open hole!

I am nearing completion of the barn, and there are several individuals that helped a lot before and during the construction of it. Some helped with "hands on" work, others provided "techical help", and others helped with materials. I'll probably forget to mention a few, but I'll try not to. I appologize in advance if you were left off of the list.

My wife Deb
My sister Kathy M.
Neighbors: Frankie F.
Dave S
Ron T.
Joe S.
Irwin T.
Dan and Sheila S.
Steve at Aspen Acres Construction
Bill B.
Don M.
Larry O.
Harold B.
Dan B.
Jeff M.
Robin T.
Mark T.
Laura S.
And a HOST of others that allowed me to scrounge stuff from their fence rows!

I still need more rocks, even though I have been getting some here and there for a month or so. One of these days, I'll have a nice driveway to the barn and other places.

We have our third deer in the freezer so we SHOULD have meat for the winter. It's always nice when people give you free food!

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