Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well - I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! My wife and I spent this year at home by ourselves. No trip, no body else - just us. We still had the turkey, dressing, pies, etc, so we are STUFFED!
The peach cobbler my wife made was EXCELLENT, and she doesn't like it, so I got it ALL.......MMMMMMMM.
She made herself one of those nasty Pumpkin Pies. I've NEVER liked any pumpkin pie, so I was GLAD to let her have it.

I just checked the pasture and found that the renter has taken his cows off. I noticed them in a portable corral this morning, so I knew they were on ther way out. Now I can go out there and not have to mess with the gate. I have several things to do, so I'm happy.
We also got word that a guy I knew from High School is leaving town. Our only hope is that he takes his worthless mongrel mutt with him. This is the cur that killed one of our chickens and later, killed our cat. BOTH deaths were blamed on the offending chicken and cat. Can't wait until January.....

This morning I came up with more school lockers and some shelving. I can always use more, but I have enough for what I wanted to do, at least.

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