Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A shed...

There is a farm near here that the owner wants everything torn down. It has a couple nice sheds and a barn. One of the sheds is a small grainery. My neighbor (different one)remembers when it was moved onto the place. He even helped move it there. It's been here for about 25 years. It's on skids and my neighbor thinks it will be able to be towed off the place. As soon as it is dry - or frozen without snow - he may want to hook up to it with his tractor and try to move it. It ought to be fun!

I already have gotten some of the tin and lunber from the other sheds. I have only been able to work from the ground and for only an hour in the mornings and an hour in the afternoons, but there is , at least, a LITTLE progress! My BIL is planning to come out next week to help a bit. I figure, if we get it down to ground level, then it will be workable.
All-in-all, it should yield some good material for us both.

I also can't wait until I can empty the shed (and put the stuff in the barn) so I can turn it into a chicken house. While the one I have is ok, I need one that will hold both the "free rangers" and some broilers/fryers that we want to get. Spring is coming, and I want to be ready!

My wife made some chocolate brownie/cake thingies yesterday. They were WONDEFUL! Too bad they are gone.....

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