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Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Free Stuff....

My BIL came out last Sunday and stayed for a couple of days. While he was here, he helped us with tearing down a barn for a neighbor. It was LOTS of fun! We started out by getting a few boards out of the inside. These were bolted together, so we used an electric impact wrench to take them down. The "fun" part was pulling the main building down. We ended up cutting the support poles half way through at the bottoms, and hooking a cable around them. A little pressure with the pickup, and the poles came out.

The odd thing was, we pulled half of the poles out from under the barn and it was STILL standing! It had dropped about 6 feet, but was still up in the air. We ended up pulling a couple posts out of the other end to make it go completely down. It was good to have help on doing it, we wouldn't have gotten nearly as far without my BIL being here to help.

There are several pieces of good tin and a LOT of 2x6 and 1x6 material left. There are even 12 to 15 good 1x12's that are 16' long. It will probably take awhile to get it all collected, but at least it is on the ground where I can work on it a little at a time.
Now.....if it would only warm up and get some of the snow melted again.....

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