Thursday, January 24, 2008


I happened to have a few scraps of grain left in the back of my pickup yesterday afternoon. I bought some corn a couple days ago and it was still in there. Not much - about a handful.
Seems that it was just TOO inviting to a rooster I have. I had to go to town, so I chased him out of the bed and closed the tailgate. Unknown to me, he hopped back into the truck in the 3.5 seconds it took for me to close the tailgate and get in the front seat. The next time I saw him was about 1/2 mile down the road. Movement in the rear-view mirror caught my eye. Next thing I know, Mr Rooster is standing in the middle of the road in a snow storm!
I was moving along at about 45 MPH, and the headwind was blowing at 30 mph, so he had a nice flight. It was one of those freak snow storms that come out of nowhere, drop a quick 1/2" of snow, and lower the windchill to below zero.
So, there I was, chasing a VERY scared chicken down the road in the snow and 30 mph wind, with my cane! Luckily, he detoured into a snowdrift from last week's storm and slowed enough to where I could catch him. He was ok except for one of his toes, but I think he'll pull through.
Me, I had to dive into a snow drift to catch the fool thing, and hurt my knee and twisted my back. He rode in the tool box until I got back home....THEN, he wouldn't get OUT of the bed of the truck! I had to pick him up and TOSS him out! He ran off screaming to his friends that he was kidnapped and accosted. Blamed the whole thing on ME.....

I just wonder how high in the sky he went when he took off! As fast as we were travelling, and with the wind, it wasn't a LONG flight, but I'll bet it was an exciting one....
I was covered in snow from about my chest down. I caught him once for a few seconds, but he got loose, so I had to dive after him again - that's where I did the damage to ME.

As for me, I brushed most of the snow off , but didn't get it all. I thought of the old Bill Cosby routine about getting hit in the face with a "slush ball". The one where he just sits down in the snow and lets it melt right through his 3 pair of corduroys.......

MIGHT have cured him of getting into the truck, though...

Sure glad nobody saw me........


  1. "MIGHT have cured" you of thinking a rooster can't jump back in.

  2. Well we may not have seen you, but we may as well have, since you told us all about it!! LOL Love the story, so glad you did!

  3. LOL, you have a great writing ability!
    Happy Birthday Galen :)

    what a tale... I would love to see a scrap page about this by Deb.
    Do you think you could do a re-enactment for photos? nah.. hehe

  4. That's hilarious -- well, except for the twisted back & knee. Hope those heal quickly. I agree with Blush; we wanna see this scrapped.

    I wandered over here from Deb's google group. Happy belated birthday!



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