Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SLIGHT difference in the weather...

This time yesterday, it was 64° and a gentle breeze blowing out of the south. It was a beautiful day and the ice is gone from most of the driveway. Most of the snow is gone, too, just a few drifts left. It was a good day to catch up on a few small things outside.

Today, things are VERY different.

Right now (1:30 pm Central time) it is 11°, with a wind chill of -12°. The wind is howling out of the Northwest at over 30 mph. We also had a "skiff" of snow this morning, but the sun is shinning now.

Yesterday, we did manage to get o few things brought back from a neighboring farm. I counted 15 18' long 2x6's, 12 18' long 1 x 12's, and another 15 16' long 1x6 boards.
It will be a good project to clear all the nails from them, but worth it.
I also managed to scrounge some fence posts from a nearby farm. They will come in handy this spring.
We MIGHT be able to move the shed I got, this week - if the weather cooperates. Since the ice is gone from the driveway, we should be able to make it in my drive with it and up the hill. A friend thinks his tractor should have no trouble pulling it. If it does, I have another friend who has a bigger tractor.
My chickens can't wait.....

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