Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gonna be a Rough Night in the Barn....

Well - tonight is the night! The three little ones are going to spend the night away from their moms! I have them in a pen by themselves in the same ROOM as mom, so they can see/hear each other, but they won't be able to TOUCH each other (well, maybe a nose or two....). Tomorrow starts the first actual milking of the FF moms.

They have been doing really well in their "training" so we'll see how things go for the real thing. They probably won't get much sleep tonight....

I also have a hen that has decided to go "broody". I will probably leave her for a day or so and see what happens. After that, I'll move her and her clutch to a safer place, away from the other hens.

Today was also butchering day. I ended up with 6 birds in the freezer (well....one we ate part of for supper....). It is the last of the ones in the brooder house. I moved the other 4 into the "Free Range" house. They seem to add weight really well and aren't as tough as the smaller birds. I'm hoping to be able to roast one like a turkey this summer. We did just that last year to one who dressed out at nearly 15 pounds.

Now I can finish emptying out that shed and get it ready for the next round of birds.
Hopefully, it won't take REAL long.

I also managed to jack up the brooder house we turned last night. I had to raise it up about 3" in order to pull the logs out. The next step is to get it leveled up and lowered back down to a better height. It SHOULDN'T take long, but then again, everything takes longer then I think! Here is a photo of how it looks now:

Here is a photo of my chicks in their new home. I still need to add more bedding, The new box is bigger then the old one...

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