Friday, March 28, 2008

We Got MILK!

Not TONS, but we DO have some!

Every night I pen up the three dairy kids away from the moms, then every morning, Deb comes out and milks the two FF Does.

One acts like she has been doing it for awhile and stands pretty well. The other one has to have her legs held and tries to squat. Hopefully, she will get better. It is nice to have a bit of cereal in the morning for breakfast. We haven't had it much for several months.

We were down to using 2% cows milk and it was STILL not "sitting right". So far, we haven't had any trouble with the goat milk giving us a "queasy" feeling, or anything.

It's fun to watch the cats circle around while Deb is milking. They try to sneak closer and closer until one of us shoos them away. They try to climb down the walls, over shelves, and even try sneaking under the milk stand and coming up the corner. We even had one of the Does use her nose to shoo a cat away from her food while she was being milked (cats WILL eat corn....).

I have another hen go "broody", so now I have TWO in my Brooder house!
A couple weeks ago, I picked up a section of rabbit cages. These were the kind that has 4 cages all in a row. They were to big to fit into the brooder house, so I had to cut them in half. I have only put two cages in, so far - and just in time!

The first hen had started her clutch in a rabbit nest box that I have. It is almost the perfect size for the hens, so I made a wooden version of it for the other hen. She didn't want to use it at first, but her instincts finally overcame her and she returned to sitting on her eggs.

I put our Kinder Billy out in a separate pasture for the afternoon. He was bothering some of the other goats, and being disruptive, so he was "banished". He wasn't really thrilled about it, but at least he got to spend most of the day outside. He's back in his pen in the barn tonight. I will need to get him his "own little place" before too long.

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