Saturday, March 29, 2008

They're Camera shy...

My two hens that I have in the brooder house nests remained content in their little nest boxes. They DID have company today, though. I left the door open so they could get some light and air (I still need some windows.....). There were other "visiting" hens in and out all day long. About 5 pm, I noticed that the door had blown shut. I know it was still open about fifteen minutes before hand, so it wasn't shut very long.

This evening, as I was going out to close up, I was wondering if I caught any of the visitors when the door shut. About 2 seconds after I opened the door to check, I discovered evidence to prove that I HAD.

Usually, a hen will lay and egg in a corner, or in a bucket, or some place protected.

Not THIS hen.....

I looked in the door and saw the remains of an egg splattered on the floor. As my sight panned up, the offending chicken was STILL perched on the edge of the brooding hen's cages - complete with her butt hanging off out into space....

I guess she couldn't wait.....
I picked her up and took her to the coop - then came back to clean up her "mess". At least it let me know for sure who is laying....I am hoping to find some old storm windows to put into the brooder house, if not, then I will have to "improvise".

I decided to take a photo of the two brooders sitting on their nests. They are a little shy, so you can't see much of their heads....

I also managed to "paint" my new trailer. It's actually a "new to me" trailer, and I've actually had it for several years, just without a floor on it.

I originally got it from my wife's brother, Mark, several years ago. It finally came time to where I needed to be able to use it. It was also at a time where I actually had wood to do it with! I used some of the 2x wood from the barn project. I only have one tail light, so far (only had one and the stores here are out of the ones I want....), but it can be used around here.

I "painted" it with a solution that has worked well for me over the years. I used the same thing on the hay rack I made a couple years ago. Contrary to belief, oil and water WILL mix. I use a 2 gallon hand garden sprayer, one quart of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), and liquid laundry soap.

The soap will "emulsify" the oil and water together (that's how it cleans oils out of clothes...), and hold them there for spraying. At first, everything is still separate, but a GENTLE turning of the jug will mix them up (don't shake - you'll have bubbles....). Motor oil will work, but I prefer the ATF. It will spray out and give a "pinkish" cast to the wood. It is easier to tell if you have it mixed good and also I can tell where I have good coverage easier. The pink fades in a few days.

Here is what it looks like so far. I still might run a 2x4 down each side for "looks" but, other then that, a spare tire carrier, and wiring, she's done.

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