Monday, March 31, 2008

God has a Sense of Humor....

Ok, so I'm only a year behind on some fencing I need to do. Last year, about this time, a neighbor's wife drove off the road and took out some of my fence. They offered to fix it, but I told them that I was planning on "re-doing that stretch this summer, anyway". I got busy with other things and didn't get around to it. I figured last Fall, that I'd be able to work on fence into December, but circumstances and weather made it difficult, to say the least.

I've decided that I NEED to get another 3/4 acre (or so) fenced off for the goats. This includes where she went through the fence. Yesterday, I set two corner posts and today I started laying out the posts and driving a few steel T posts. I try to put them at 12' intervals, so I needed to make a tool that would be easy to just move along the ground to get the posts the right distance apart.

A few weeks ago, I picked up several 20' pieces of 2" PVC pipe. I figured that one of these would be light weight enough, durable enough, and also be easy to spot in the grass.

After I had cut one of the pipe sections to the required 12', I also needed to make a mark at 6', since that would be the distance I was aiming at for the brace posts. I carefully measured the 6' from the end of the pipe and made a mark with my ink pen. Now I needed to make the mark visible at a glance. What I needed was some paint to mark a small line around the pipe - all it had to be was contrasting to the bright white of the PVC pipe, so I wouldn't have to look for the mark as I went along.

Since I was in the barn, I looked in a storage cabinet I have in there. It still has a lot of items from when we were building the barn last year. I opened the door and immediately saw the can of paint. I snapped it up, turned it around and - there it was, in nice big letters - "WHITE". I had one other place in the barn that MIGHT have some paint, so I checked there.

I saw the can from about 10' away and knew as soon as I picked it up that it was also WHITE. Hmmmmmmmmm.........
Guess I could check the old pickup I have that I use for a "chore truck" around the farm. I looked in the window and saw a spray can but, under further review, it was a can of WD-40.

I decided that my wood shop was the best bet to find paint. I KNEW I had some red there......
On the way up to the shop, I was saying to myself, to God, and to anyone in earshot - "Well, I don't care WHAT color it is. Red, Purple, Green, Yellow, Black...just as long as it ISN'T WHITE!"

I got to the shop, opened the door, and looked across the room and into a cabinet, through it's open door. Imagine the excitement I felt when I spotted the can of paint within the first 5 seconds of being there! I triumphantly marched across the room, took up my prized can of paint, rolled it over in my hands and read the label -
In black letters big enough to read without my glasses - here is what I found -



I immediately broke out in laughter.

There are some times when God just can't HELP but mess with your mind.....

I DID manage to find a can of orange marker paint a few minutes later......

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