Friday, May 9, 2008

Attack of the Killer "B's"......

B' in Boer goats....

To go along with yesterday's post about the bees attacking the apple trees, I thought I'd write about another kind of tree attack we had yesterday.

We had 4 or 5 "volunteer" Cottonwood trees spring up within about 6' of the house a couple years back. It was nice to have what little shade and cover they provided (they grow FAST...), but they were too close to the house, so they had to be cut down. A couple of them were about 8' to 10' tall and 3" wide at the base.

Since Deb was going to mow the yard, I decided I had better get them down so she could do it better. I got my little chainsaw out and zipped them off at ground level.

Since they were covered in leaves, I decided to see what the goats would do with (TO...) them. So, I loaded them up into the pickup and headed to the goat pen.

They saw me coming a hundred yards away and came RUNNING toward the fence. They were all standing there, waiting for me to give them something. I tossed the smaller trees over the fence to get the goats "occupied", then we got the bigger ones over so they didn't land on anybody.

It was like sharks attacking an swimmer in Jaws - they jumped right in and started to work.

It didn't take them long before all the leaves were gone, and they started on the small branches and bark.

I almost felt sorry for the trees.....

Here is what the goats do to cedar trees:

They can have all of them they want....

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