Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Buzzy Day....

Last year, we had a killing frost at the end of April. The kind that comes one night and ends up staying a week. It didn't even give us much moisture, but stayed around long enough to make sure there would be little fruit to pick in the fall.

We have an apple tree about 75' from our house and then another one about 75' from that one. It was funny - when we first bought the place from my brother, the subject of "the" apple tree came up. I mentioned that it was nice to have a bunch of apples on the tree. He told me that he'd never seen ANY apples on it.
I told him he better take a look, because it was loaded.

He headed off down the hill, with me right behind him. About half way, I asked him where he was going - he said "to the apple tree". I figured he just forgot where it was. Low and behold, we popped out of the brush right next to AN apple tree - and sure enough - it only had about 5 apples on it.

He said "SEE, I TOLD you it never has anything on it"! I said "Well, it's the WRONG apple tree"! I headed off to the one I was talking about. When I showed him, he said that he never even knew it was there. I told him that I never knew the OTHER one was there!

The second one (his tree), true to form, has never had much on it. This year, however, it has more blossoms on it then I have seen - since I found out about it. HOPEFULLY it will have a few more apples then it normally has.

This afternoon, I headed out to work on a gate that is about 25' from the apple tree near our driveway (closest to the house). I was still on the "house" side of the tree when I heard a "humming" noise. Even being deaf in one ear, I could tell that the honey bees had found the apple tree (which is in FULL bloom...)! The whole tree was TEAMING with the little workers.

Deb came out and took a few photos of the blooms and the bees. She has some of them up on her blog. (Deb's Blog)

Here are a couple, also:

Can't wait for some nice, tasty apples....

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