Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Goats...

SHHHH! Don't tell anyone that this is the second post today.....SHHHHH!

I decided to put up a temporary fence this afternoon. I made it from three cattle panels that the neighbor gave me because they were bent up. I just flipped them over and bent them back into shape.

I put the panels up between the barn and the exiting fence about 40' to the west of it. The whole patch is only about 80' x 40', but it needed mowing. I decided to let the goats have fun - WAY cheaper then the gas it would have taken to mow it....

It took a little coaxing to get them to realize they could get into the patch, but once they saw it, they only left for water and to "chew it off".

They all are happily munching away in their new found "Gold Mine".

There is even a nice, juicy, Cedar tree in the back ground. A couple of them tasted it but decided that the nice fresh grass was better tasting.

If you look close, you can just make out part of a white goat's back under the tree.

They were all VERY happy to mow it for me, and promised to work on it again tomorrow, and even the next day - if needed.
I went out about 5:00 this afternoon and everyone was lounged around behind the barn, rubbing their tummies.

Everyone was happy....

Well, not EVERYONE.....

This hen was chewing me out for blocking her on the wrong side of the fence, and in with all them GOATS! She just paced back and forth, letting me know she was VERY unhappy about having to walk ALL the way to the other end of the patch, through the barnyard, and back out through the barn (Do you KNOW how many black jelly beans there are out there...?). I reminded her that she could fly over the fence, but she was too busy flapping her, to have heard me.

I had a bad day with the animals today - first the heart attack milking, then this hen chewing me out. Earlier this afternoon, I saw the Evil Twin eating an egg, so I harpooned her with my walking stick, then her two kittens hissed at me. This evening, I picked up one of the 11 week old pullets to put her in the coop, and she pecked my hand (I pointed to The Stump and The Axe, and she got REAL apologetic....).

And TOMORROW is Monday......

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