Sunday, May 18, 2008

Well, She lost Her Privledges.....

A few days ago, we caught the Speckled Hen and her 10 chicks so we could put them into the brooder house. There were already 6 chicks and their mom in there. There is also plenty of room for each bunch to avoid the other.

During the week, I found one of the six chicks dead - and mangled - in the run I have for them. The next day, I saw the Speckled Hen chase down a second one and kill it. It wasn't even NEAR her chicks. She ran 6' away and mangled it to death in about 3 seconds.

That was enough, I got ahold of her and took her to the hen house so she would know where she was to sleep from now on. The other hen is doing a fine job with BOTH broods she now has control of.

Meanwhile, Speckle has worried a path around the brooder house run. She can SEE and talk to her babies, but just can't get to them. I think she's actually getting grey hairs over this! No way is she going back into the brooder, though. It might take awhile, but she'll eventually (hopefully) give up.

This morning, I went out to milk the goats. Usually, we let them rest on Sunday morning but, since tomorrow is Deb's Birthday, I figured they'd get tomorrow off, instead.

Anyhoo, I got the first girl (Sally) out of the pen. She ran to the stand, hopped up and I gave her breakfast. Then, I settled in to milk her. All was going great, until I was about 3/4ths done.

All of a sudden, Sally comes SHOOTING back out of the stanchion and is looking me right in the eye! I don't know which of us was more surprised, me or the goat. Even the "Hoover Cats" (you know....the ones who "vacuum" the milk stand dry after milking.....), jumped and scattered.

It seems I forgot to pull the headlock over and hook it......

I made SURE I got it right with Annie.

I hope the rest of the day is uneventful. Don't know if I could survive another heart attack today....

I also noticed last night that the corn was up. Friday I checked and there was nothing but dirt out there, then last night it was up over 2". I don't think the chickens even know it's there....In about a week, it won't matter.

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