Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend....

It's hard to believe that JUNE is almost here! It seems like 2008 just started, and here we are - nearly at the half way point!

We didn't do a whole lot this weekend. We stayed home except for a quick trip into the cemetery to visit my parents, uncle, and grandparents.

Most of the weekend it was raining, so outside work (unless it was in the barn....) was out.

I even watched the ENTIRE Indy 500 race - for only the SECOND time in my life. Usually, I try to catch the last 1/3 or so, but decided to watch the whole thing this year. Last year, I was sick all weekend, and STILL only watched part of it!

On the trip into town today, I managed to pick up some more chicks. These were 3 week old Cornish-X chickens. I'm hoping to fatten them up for the freezer. They SHOULDN'T be around long enough to get tough.

On Sunday evening, the neighbor up the road called and asked if it was ok for his daughter(37 going on 3.....inside joke....) to bring her son (8?) and his cousin(4) down to see our goats. I told him to send them down. About 10 minutes later they came down the driveway on their Gator.

After visiting the goats and our chickens, I told them that we milk the two bigger dairy goats.


"Yup. You ever tasted goat milk?"

"Nope. Does it taste different from cow's milk?"

I told them that I had some in the house and that they could try it. After a minute or two of convincing, they all three said they would try it.

I poured some in a glass and gave it to the cousin, he took a couple of sips, then handed it to the son - who promptly drained it. I had to go get more for mom to try it, then the son drained the rest again. Mom said there was a "little" difference, but the two boys didn't seem to notice any.

as a matter of fact, this talk of milk gives me an idea -

I think I'll make some custard tomorrow!

Deb doesn't like IT either, so MORE FOR ME!

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