Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Short Week Again....

It's already Thursday (almost...)! This week has gone by QUICK!

Of course, since Monday was a holiday......

Yesterday it was rainy, windy, dreary and actually a little cold. The dampness in the air and the wind made it feel like April, not nearly June. We ended up going to Lincoln to do shopping for the month, so it ended up being a nice day.

We got home at about 6:30, so didn't get much done. Usually, we try to watch a movie or some sort of DVD in the evenings. Last night, we started a DVD with 4 episodes of the "Andy Griffith Show". Some of the things they did on that show are hilarious!

Tonight, we watched the last two episodes on the disk. A little later, I came in to my computer and saw that Earle Hagen had died at age 88.

Who was Earle Hagen?

He's the guy you hear whistling the Andy Griffith Theme song....

He wrote/performed several theme songs for TV and movies over his career, but that one is probably his most famous.

It just struck me as odd that we were just "listening" to him, then find out he had died.

Earlier today, we made a trip into town to pick up a couple of things and stop by the local Orschlen's Store (like a TSC or Farm & Fleet, etc) to get another 11 chicks. They are getting down to just a few left, so the prices are "slashed". Wish I could pick up a few more....

I THINK I actually have more chickens (or close to it....) the Deb's mom and dad! I never would have figured on THAT happening....!

After that, I went over to help a neighbor cut some wood for a couple of 20' pillars he is building for another neighbor's house. He has a pretty nice setup in his shed. He built a run-in table and and out table on either side of his table saw - both are over 22' long. The best thing about it is the crank gizmo he built at the far end of the out side. It's just a short piece of pipe with a handle and a couple of loops around it. He has it screwed to a board the same height as the table.

All he does is run a piece of twine down the table, screw it to the end of the board near the saw blade, then turn the crank. The twine pulls the board through the saw and he holds the board against the fence. It takes two people, but it is a lot better and easier then pushing them through. Works pretty good.

Afterwards, he came over and helped me work on my tractor a bit so I could get some mowing done. The yard looks a LOT better, but I need to do more mowing.

If it stops raining long enough....

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