Thursday, May 29, 2008

Visit today...

This morning it was nice and cool out, but by 1:00 pm, the clouds gave way to sunshine. The high was in the 80's. By mid afternoon, you could "feel" that a storm was brewing.

So far (at 11:00 pm...) it has all gone north of us, but the front is moving closer. HOPEFULLY, it will bypass the area.

This morning, I wanted to mow some grass around the place, so I fired up the 1949 8N and started to brush hog the area. I made it about 5 minutes before I sheared off the "pin" in the drive shaft to the mower. It wasn't really a pin, but it worked last night for about an hour, so I was hoping it would work today.


It was actually a piece of cattle panel that I had laying around. Since I was out of bolts, I thought I'd give it a try. It worked for awhile, but I broke three of them, so finally figured I just have to go to town and buy some bolts.

While I was at the local farm store, I decided to look at some more chicks. We were just in there yesterday and bought 11, but can always use more. This morning, they had just a few left, so the manager told me he'd "give me a deal" on them if I took the rest. He made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so I brought them home.

We now have over 60 chicks with the ones we have had hatch out here on the farm. Most of them have a one-way ticket on the "Freezer Express" waiting for them when they get older. The rest will be added to the herd.

Last night we got a call from my niece. She was up from Kansas and wondered if we were going to be home today. This afternoon, my niece, my nephew's girlfriend and their two kids stopped by for a visit. While they were here, we went into the cemetery in town to show them where some of the graves were, and so they could lay some flowers on them.

It was nice to be able to tell my niece a little family history and show her where her ancestors are buried. MAYBE she will be able to remember some of it to pass along. It was good that she was asking questions about where she came from.

They had to leave tonight for home. I gave them directions to get there - and around the storms - before they left. By the looks of radar, they should be ok.

It was a nice visit, and we gt some good photos of our 1 year old Great-niece. We're really glad they made it a point to stop.

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