Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hot and Muggy....

It started out today as a cloudy, nice, cool day. We even had a slight breeze coming in from the north east to keep the humidity down. There were also even a few rain drops (about 3 dozen, I think....)!

Then the clouds left and the wind died down......
The humidity climbed with the temperature.....

I decided to do a few "odds and ends" on the brooder house and chicken house. Nothing spectacular, just little things.

The one thing I did manage to do that was worth while, was to bring down the stock tank I scrounged from a nearby farm. I have it setting up on pallets and filled with water to make sure it doesn't leak. I will let it set a few days - while using the water for chickens and goats - and fix any leaks I find. After that, it's down to the new goat pasture for use.

I still need to finish about 60' of fence to make the pasture usable, but I hope to get it SOON. The goats are gonna LOVE it when they get out there! LOTS of nice TASTY stuff.

One thing I have learned with all this fence is: you NEED to have a good T post driver - and the ones they have for sale ain't no good!

I have THREE post drivers. One is home made, the other two I bought. One of the ones I bought, is a light weight one designed for use with chain link fence posts. Useless on anything else.

The other driver I bought, is made for T posts. It is to light, and is the kind with two handles on it. If I use the handles on this one, I make it about 2 posts before the vibrations get to my hands. After that, I can forget driving anymore posts for an hour or two. I tried grabbing it around the "barrel", but there isn't really enough room to get a "proper" grip, and it makes it to short to use.

I found that the BEST kind of driver is an old piece of 3" pipe, with a heavy plug welded into the end. This way, I can grab it at whatever height is comfortable, and there is no vibration . The bigger tube is also easier on my hands then the small diameter handles of the bought type.

I still can't drive all day, like I used to, but I can get more done then with the others.

This morning, I went out to milk our two "cows". Usually, I separate the kids from the moms at night so there is milk in the morning. This is also the time I feed the kids. Normally, Sally, one of our milk goats, is waiting at the gate to get her breakfast while she is being milked. This morning, however, only Annie was there.

I found little Miss Sally in with the kids.

Evidently, she had figured out how to climb over the gate to get the food I put out for the kids.

Needless to say, she was pretty much on "empty" when I got her on the milk stand.

I have a surprise for her tonight, the kids are going in with the Boer kids - in a different part of the barn.

Probably going to be a bit noisy in there tonight.....

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