Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well - I Did and Evil Thing....

Sort of....

I dumped a cat on an unsuspecting neighbor.

Sort of.....

Yesterday, I closed off both ends of the driveway so the goats could get in and help "mow" for me. When I do this, we have to "go around" the long way, and out through a pasture gate.

Well, this morning, I had to make a trip to town, so I headed up the lane across the hayfield and through the pasture. As I was coming out of a small ditch crossing, I looked up to the road and saw a pickup parked there. I thought it was kind of odd, so I stopped for a minute to see what they were doing.

I stopped at the right time. I was there for no more then a few seconds when the window comes down on the pickup and out jumps a big fuzzy cat. The window goes back up and the truck drives off.

I drove up to the gate, got out and the kitty came right over to me. I loaded it up in my pickup and headed down the road toward town - and the pickup.

I thought I knew who the pickup belonged to, but it was one of those deals where "you know who it is, but aren't sure of a name". At any rate. I headed on into town and spotted him down the road a ways ahead. I followed him right up to his driveway.

He was sure shocked when I pulled up and gave him back his cat. I told him that I didn't need any more cats, but the sheriff might be interested in it. He put up a good act and told me the cat jumped out of his truck and he couldn't catch it.

I REALLY don't need anymore cats here. I haven't seen the one who steals eggs since early yesterday (Evil Twin). Maybe a coyote or something got her.

What was TRUELY amazing about the whole thing this morning was: How the guy didn't see my bright red pickup through the trees is beyond me.....


  1. He didn't see you because he was so busy concentrating on catching his poor escaped cat!

    And if you believe that.... Good for you returning his lost cat to him. Unfortunately he will probably just chose another spot to dump it. :(

  2. Since his cat got loose & the poor man (haha) tried so hard to catch him & had to leave without him because he just couldn't catch him and you caught him for him, seems a reward would have been in order.

    I wonder if the cat's still at home or if he has managed to 'escape' again?

    I swear, some people's kids..... :(


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