Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WHY Do They DO That?

I've always wondered - and it's become a bigger problem since I have more Free Range Chickens - WHY do they run along AHEAD of the car when you're going down the driveway?

I mean, every time a chicken is out in the drive eating grass or bugs, and we come tooling along, instead of dodging out of the way and jumping off the road, these geniuses run along, just in front of the tires!

They run along, looking back and forth over their shoulders to see if a squishing is eminent, all the while yelling back at you like YOU'RE the insane one! Finally, after 30-40 feet of shear terror for the chicken - and aggravation for me - the little light bulb comes on, and they dive for the ditch.

Then they stand at the side of the drive and chew you out as you continue by. I guess it has something to do with interrupting their (constant) lunch. Are bugs THAT tasty? Are they worth the heart attack (or maybe it's the THRILL...) of the "Cheating Death" experience.

I'd guess, by the inherent nature of the name "chicken", that most of the species are not considered "Daredevils"........

It must be something in their genes - the one that involves intelligence. Either that, or it's a founding form of the GAME of Chicken.

Either way, I just wish some chickens WOULD learn to cross the road.....

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