Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hay is FINALLY Down.......

As it turned out, we COULD have cut hay on Thursday, but there were light showers and heavy dew Thursday and Friday - along with a chance for thunder storms. We COULD have cut it, since it DIDN'T rain, but it was a good idea to wait. It also gave the ground a little extra time to dry out a bit.

Since today, tomorrow, Monday, and even Tuesday, are SUPPOSED to be dry, we decided to get it going and "Make hay while the sun shines......"

Our neighbor came over with his New Holland Haybine and cut it for us. It works pretty slick. Since it is about 3 weeks late - and wetter this year - the grass was taller, thicker, and has lots of wild flowers and wild herbs for the goats to enjoy.

Tomorrow will be "rake day", and it might even be "bale day", if it drys. The wind is blowing at about 15 to 20 mph and the humidity is down to about 32% this afternoon. It is SUPPOSED to be nicer, cooler, and DRY for the next 2-3 days. It should have ample time to dry nicely.

I hear people all the time tell me that you need expensive equipment to make hay. I have never been able to understand that mentality. Nice new equipment is handy but, you gotta pay for it. I use whatever is available.

I found a good, cheap, Tedder System for this year's hay. VERY low maintenance, doesn't cost much for fuel, is "automatic" (it can even be "programmed" to take itself back to the shed - ON IT'S OWN.....), has no greaseable parts, and can be purchased for next to NOTHING.

Here is my "Tedder System" in action:

I'll just be glad when it is in the barn....

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  1. Getting hay cut and in dry, this year, is certainly not easy. We plan to cut one area this afternoon. We pray it will stay dry long enough to get it in and not get wet before we do.

    Hope all goes well for you too.

    The picture is nice. I know our chickens get right out there too. We always hope we don't hit one while cutting, raking or bailing.


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