Monday, June 30, 2008

Well - THAT feels better -

Since the weather turned nicer, we actually were able to BALE HAY! The field was getting tall and "rusty" looking (a lot of the grass I have in there is "Redtop", so it takes on an orange haze...).

It came out really nice, not course or stemmy like we thought. We broke one bale, so I fed part of it to the milk goats last night. They really enjoyed fresh hay.
It's odd how they can be out eating nice, green plants all day, then come to the barn and eat old hay from last year - and whine if they don't get it. They even like the stuff that has ragweed in it.

It didn't take long to haul it all into the barn. Between the three of us, it was done in short order.

I did find out ONE thing......

I ain't no good at bucking bales anymore!

I've got enough to last the winter now, but we hope to get a second cutting. It's always nice to have extra.

The field looks SO much better now that it is cut.

It's great to have a wonderful neighbor who help out, too. There are a lot of things that just wouldn't get done without it.

Another thing I found out. A good set of hay hooks are important to have around....

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